It’s Friday!!!!! *mini happy dance*

So for the last week and a half, the topic of hyping has been surfacing in conversations with friends. Essentially, the conversation boiled down to persons mistaking hype or the achievement of material things for success.

We all know that one person or persons who desire to possess the latest gadgets, the latest clothes and the latest unimportant item as soon as possible. They can’t wait. 

They need to acquire it before every and any body else to have bragging rights about who had it first. Apparently, having this item correlates with one’s success.

However, this same possession hinders their completion of certain tasks or objectives, simply because of the resources and manpower put in to achieve the item. 

The result is their constant complaints about not being able to complete said tasks or the world is against them while fiddling with their new toy. This is the first step to them becoming a parasitic factor in our lives because they will now depend on us financially to help them achieve the goals.

I just want to fight them. 

Now, I’m not against desiring to possess something merely for pleasure. You’ve had your eye on that sexy wine red shoes for awhile?

Go ahead…treat yourself.

Laptop not keeping up with the work that you do? Go ahead…upgrade to that MacBook.

Been working hard and now desperately need a vacation? Do you….and take me with you!

Nothing is wrong with treating yourself now and then but there is a limit. If you’re in your twenties like me, eventually you’ll be looking to owning your own home, furthering your education to open more career prospects,  buying your first car and building the framework for your future family.

Treating yourself to these lavish gifts every month or every week, what do you gain?

Ratings? Big ups? Imaginary three stars? Stunting on social media?

Think about it……really think. Are you happy or any happier keeping up appearances in the public and struggling to make ends meet in private? Why live for others?

Gaining likes on your photos, that’s great, but eventually, their fascination with you will fade. Focus on your goals, if you don’t have any, get some and launch #ProjectYou. 

At the end of the day, the opinion of others doesn’t hold much weight in your life.

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