In Review: Power Rangers Movie

*Sings loudly and off-key* Go, Go, Power Rangggggeerssss!  
*Cue Guitar riff*

You may not know this but I’m a super power ranger fan so much so……when I was eight, I attempted one of the backflips over a wall, in an epic battle with my friends. I landed on my butt and fractured my coccyx. 

Totally worth it! 

Monday night, I went to see the new Power Rangers movie and my first thought was this is so awesome!! I was eight years old again and life was good…..

Until I had a liberating discussion with my better half, who poked holes in my awesomeness.

Thanks, Nick!

For those of you who haven’t watched it….I won’t include any spoilers. However, I will discuss some details about some of the plot points in the movie.

Now all 80s and 90s babies will agree that Power Rangers was the best thing on television. We would wake up early on Saturdays to watch the series because we didn’t want to miss the episode that all the kids in the neighbourhood and school would talk about.

So we had big expectations for the movie.

The movie did not disappoint. For me, the first act of the movie was a great setup to the story we’re getting into and the characters. The casting team did a spot on job with the actors. I was really impressed with Becky G and RJ Cycler’s performance, seeing that they are fairly new to the movie industry.

The movie pretty much outlined the origin story of the Rangers, however, the second act was missing some of the power ranger-y element, which was expected because of the realism of the film. In this act, we see them preparing themselves for the fight ahead, coupled with comedic relief. BUT the third act was action packed until the credits. My only question after the movies was, “How will Angel Grove rebuild the city? Because they tore it UP!” 

All in all, it’s five stars from me. If there is a sequel, which I believe there will be since the directors are re-establishing the franchise, it will include more action. 

Power Rangers Review According To Nick

“It was an expected disappointment but not in a bad way. They were reintroducing the franchise to the populous so they focused mainly on explaining in the reboot. Similarly to the Superman movie, where they took an hour to build up to the story, it is the same with the PR movie. All in all, it wasn’t a bad movie. I’m expecting that the sequel will be waaaay better as they have now established the foundation to build a good franchise.

The movie had a few perks.

The new suits are awesome! Ten times better than the original. I said to myself, what are they going to do with the power rangers series on tv now? Because these new suits are kicking ass. They may just have to redesign the suits or revamp the series.

The low points of the movie for me; I thought more fight scenes should have been included. It came off somewhat unreal as they were able to do everything once they morphed.

I think they should have had some preliminary morphing stage where they fought some little minions and got used to their suit and powers before facing Rita. Of course, all of the real excitement is at the end. There are some comedic inject which had us laughing every now and then. It’s family entertainment so don’t expect any hardcore action like John Wick.

I rated it a 6.5 out of 10 and I’m expecting the next movie to be about an 8 or 8.5.”

So there you have it! If you have watched this movie, comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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