12 Annoying Office Pet Peeves That Ruin My Day At Work

My cubicle is basically a 9-5 jail sentence. On some days, it’s okay and other days, I wish I had a bottle of vodka to get through it. Here are twelve of my top pet peeves that ruin my day at work.

1. When a colleague borrows a pen and never returns it

2. Coworker who steals your labelled food or drink from the fridge

3. When you see somebody leave the bathroom without washing their hands

4. When your coworker returns from lunch with horrible stink breath

5. When the shared microwave becomes a canvas of stains

6. People looking at my computer screen over my shoulder.
Yes….I can hear and feel you breathing down my neck.

7. When someone fails to replace a file they removed

8. When it’s time to clock out and a coworker pulls you on a project last minute (especially when it has nothing to do with you)

9. When there’s no toilet paper left and the last person who used it, didn’t refill….Sad to say but the longer I wait in the stall, the more likely my other clothing becomes a viable candidate in place of toilet paper.

10. When a coworker committed a wrongful act against you and then plays the victim.

11. When lunch time is the only peace you get, but a coworker wants to talk to you

12. When you’re obviously getting your tasks done and a coworker constantly wants to share their ‘ideas’ to lighten the workload (which ultimately increases your workload while they slack off)

Share your pet peeves below! Have a great weekend!!


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