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12 Annoying Office Pet Peeves That Ruin My Day At Work

My cubicle is basically a 9-5 jail sentence. On some days, it’s okay and other days, I wish I had a bottle of vodka to get through it. Here are twelve of my top pet peeves that ruin my day at work.

1. When a colleague borrows a pen and never returns it

2. Coworker who steals your labelled food or drink from the fridge

3. When you see somebody leave the bathroom without washing their hands

4. When your coworker returns from lunch with horrible stink breath

5. When the shared microwave becomes a canvas of stains

6. People looking at my computer screen over my shoulder.
Yes….I can hear and feel you breathing down my neck.

7. When someone fails to replace a file they removed

8. When it’s time to clock out and a coworker pulls you on a project last minute (especially when it has nothing to do with you)

9. When there’s no toilet paper left and the last person who used it, didn’t refill….Sad to say but the longer I wait in the stall, the more likely my other clothing becomes a viable candidate in place of toilet paper.

10. When a coworker committed a wrongful act against you and then plays the victim.

11. When lunch time is the only peace you get, but a coworker wants to talk to you

12. When you’re obviously getting your tasks done and a coworker constantly wants to share their ‘ideas’ to lighten the workload (which ultimately increases your workload while they slack off)

Share your pet peeves below! Have a great weekend!!

My Loc Journey: What I’ve Learnt

Not everybody will like or love my hair and that’s ok.

I love my natural hair.

I have been natural all my life….25 years to be exact. I have experimented with colours, protective styles but I’ve never ventured the processed hair road. Mainly because I was scared to lose my edges and the idea just didn’t appeal to me.

I made the decision to loc my hair on August 19, 2015, and I think it was and still is the best decision I’ve made for my hair. I can wash and go as I please and not worry about what the wind will do to my hair, I don’t have to host the weekly face off with the knots in my hair and the dryer anymore ( I know those of you with loose natural hair know what I’m talking about) and I’m now able to put my hair in a bun without the assistance of a second or third person.

It has been a liberating journey but it wasn’t always so. Here are some of the things that I’ve learnt on this journey.

1. Everyone will question your decision

This happened frequently when I was in the decision-making process. A friend of mine actually said that I would not look good with locs, that it was better to process my hair. While I could have argued with them about this, I decided not to because not everyone would/will understand or even agree with your views and that’s fine. So, I listened to those friends and family members who had opposing views on the matter, however, I was resolute in my belief as did my mother and early that August morning, I was at the Beautiful Earth Haven Salon undergoing my transformations.

You cannot live your life for others, you just have to be confident enough in yourself and do what makes you happy.

2. Patience

Patience is key in this process. Of course, I did extensive research on locs for months. I had already conditioned my mind that this would be a slow and somewhat frustrating process so I was ready to embrace it. I embraced all the frizz, all the unruliness of my hair ( honestly, it wasn’t all that unruly). Of course, I had moments (still do) where I see some women with their long beautiful locs and think ‘when will I get there?’ For the first three months, I had a serious case of Loc envy. One thing to remember, let your hair do its thing. It knows what it wants and what it will become so be patient and don’t force it.

3. Myths

There will be endless conversations on myths regarding locs. From myths like ‘locs are dirty, they can’t be styled to you’ll have to shave your head when you change your mind’. The myths are NOT true as I said I did a TON of research.
I don’t know who is spreading these false facts but your locs are as clean as you want them to be. I wash my hair every week or whenever I feel the urge to and I style it often. As for the ‘shave your head’ part, that is a personal choice, usually for those with sister-locks. There is a pull-down process which takes awhile you’ll have to find out from your salon about the cost for the service. It’s important to do your research, once you have the facts, you’ll easily be able to identify the myths.

4. Every journey is unique

Regularly I get hit with the ‘how can I get my hair like yours?’ questions and the answer is… can’t. No hair quality is alike, yours is different from mine and from every other loc’d haired person in the world. Educate yourself by understanding how to achieve healthy hair based on a personal regime, the ingredients of products you use and learn the dos and donts. Join communities and forums and learn from others. The key thing to take away, don’t stress! let your hair do all the work just treat it well.

Do you have locs? I would love to hear about your experience in the comment section.

In Review: Power Rangers Movie

*Sings loudly and off-key* Go, Go, Power Rangggggeerssss!  
*Cue Guitar riff*

You may not know this but I’m a super power ranger fan so much so……when I was eight, I attempted one of the backflips over a wall, in an epic battle with my friends. I landed on my butt and fractured my coccyx. 

Totally worth it! 

Monday night, I went to see the new Power Rangers movie and my first thought was this is so awesome!! I was eight years old again and life was good…..

Until I had a liberating discussion with my better half, who poked holes in my awesomeness.

Thanks, Nick!

For those of you who haven’t watched it….I won’t include any spoilers. However, I will discuss some details about some of the plot points in the movie.

Now all 80s and 90s babies will agree that Power Rangers was the best thing on television. We would wake up early on Saturdays to watch the series because we didn’t want to miss the episode that all the kids in the neighbourhood and school would talk about.

So we had big expectations for the movie.

The movie did not disappoint. For me, the first act of the movie was a great setup to the story we’re getting into and the characters. The casting team did a spot on job with the actors. I was really impressed with Becky G and RJ Cycler’s performance, seeing that they are fairly new to the movie industry.

The movie pretty much outlined the origin story of the Rangers, however, the second act was missing some of the power ranger-y element, which was expected because of the realism of the film. In this act, we see them preparing themselves for the fight ahead, coupled with comedic relief. BUT the third act was action packed until the credits. My only question after the movies was, “How will Angel Grove rebuild the city? Because they tore it UP!” 

All in all, it’s five stars from me. If there is a sequel, which I believe there will be since the directors are re-establishing the franchise, it will include more action. 

Power Rangers Review According To Nick

“It was an expected disappointment but not in a bad way. They were reintroducing the franchise to the populous so they focused mainly on explaining in the reboot. Similarly to the Superman movie, where they took an hour to build up to the story, it is the same with the PR movie. All in all, it wasn’t a bad movie. I’m expecting that the sequel will be waaaay better as they have now established the foundation to build a good franchise.

The movie had a few perks.

The new suits are awesome! Ten times better than the original. I said to myself, what are they going to do with the power rangers series on tv now? Because these new suits are kicking ass. They may just have to redesign the suits or revamp the series.

The low points of the movie for me; I thought more fight scenes should have been included. It came off somewhat unreal as they were able to do everything once they morphed.

I think they should have had some preliminary morphing stage where they fought some little minions and got used to their suit and powers before facing Rita. Of course, all of the real excitement is at the end. There are some comedic inject which had us laughing every now and then. It’s family entertainment so don’t expect any hardcore action like John Wick.

I rated it a 6.5 out of 10 and I’m expecting the next movie to be about an 8 or 8.5.”

So there you have it! If you have watched this movie, comment below and let me know your thoughts.


It’s Friday!!!!! *mini happy dance*

So for the last week and a half, the topic of hyping has been surfacing in conversations with friends. Essentially, the conversation boiled down to persons mistaking hype or the achievement of material things for success.

We all know that one person or persons who desire to possess the latest gadgets, the latest clothes and the latest unimportant item as soon as possible. They can’t wait. 

They need to acquire it before every and any body else to have bragging rights about who had it first. Apparently, having this item correlates with one’s success.

However, this same possession hinders their completion of certain tasks or objectives, simply because of the resources and manpower put in to achieve the item. 

The result is their constant complaints about not being able to complete said tasks or the world is against them while fiddling with their new toy. This is the first step to them becoming a parasitic factor in our lives because they will now depend on us financially to help them achieve the goals.

I just want to fight them. 

Now, I’m not against desiring to possess something merely for pleasure. You’ve had your eye on that sexy wine red shoes for awhile?

Go ahead…treat yourself.

Laptop not keeping up with the work that you do? Go ahead…upgrade to that MacBook.

Been working hard and now desperately need a vacation? Do you….and take me with you!

Nothing is wrong with treating yourself now and then but there is a limit. If you’re in your twenties like me, eventually you’ll be looking to owning your own home, furthering your education to open more career prospects,  buying your first car and building the framework for your future family.

Treating yourself to these lavish gifts every month or every week, what do you gain?

Ratings? Big ups? Imaginary three stars? Stunting on social media?

Think about it……really think. Are you happy or any happier keeping up appearances in the public and struggling to make ends meet in private? Why live for others?

Gaining likes on your photos, that’s great, but eventually, their fascination with you will fade. Focus on your goals, if you don’t have any, get some and launch #ProjectYou. 

At the end of the day, the opinion of others doesn’t hold much weight in your life.

Growing up is a scam!

“I think the 20s are a vastly overrated decade. We promise kids that once they get out of school, life will begin and their dreams will come true. But then comes the struggle”.
– Tyne Daly

Growing up, we were conditioned to believe that attending school, getting good grades and behaving well would allow us to achieve what we wanted to and become who we wanted to be. For me, it was a coin toss between being a paediatrician and a ninja assassin (What can I say?….I was a huge fan of Kill Bill).

I mean who didn’t fantasize about being a bad ass?


I was super focused on having that perfect career….perfect life while enjoying my trillionaire wealth,  so I studied hard (not that I had a choice, my mother’s belt made some strong arguments).

When I went to college for three years, graduated with honours and humbly waited for my sweet, sweeeeeeet reward. 

In the end…

I sat home for three months with no prospects to start my super awesome paediatric ninja assassin career. And that trillion dollar check seemed to have been delayed.

I wasn’t worried though. I was pretty sure the post office misplaced it because the universe assured me that it was sent as priority mail. 

*Patiently waits*
While waiting, a job prospect arose and I was happy for the distraction. It wasn’t the ideal job but it was a foot in the door to my journalism career. That, however, was short lived, due the (dirty) conditions of the work environment.

But when life closes the door, God opens a window. That window led me to an old work opportunity which allowed me to work from home and design my own work hours.

Yay me!

Still no check at this point but it wasn’t a bad deal.

Enjoying my flexible work schedule, the little voice in the back of my mind, couldn’t help but object to this ‘free paper’. Plaguing me with questions such as,

‘Are you happy?’

‘Will this be the career you’ll be proud of?’

‘What about your dreams?’

Then continuing to compare my ‘success’ to those of my friends and acquaintances who posted their work selfies, hashtagging that they were living their dreams.

Okay Jiminy Cricket, I get it!

Impossible to shake, I realized that this wasn’t my purpose. I didn’t endure years of school to become complacent.

So I did what big girls were supposed to do, I traded in my toys for a corporate job with some benefits, hoping to discover my true self.

Still waiting for that to pay out

My point is growing up isn’t as exciting as I was previously led to believe. Its unpredictable, confusing and downright messy but I will say that the experiences have not been in vain. They’ve taught me that the easy way is never the right way. After all, nothing worth having comes easy.