Your Summer Skincare Routine

Your Summer Skincare Routine

Summer is now in high gear, and that means you’ve broken out your cute summer outfits—off-shoulder and sleeveless blouses, skirts and shorts, swimsuits. Summer fashion inevitably means showing a little skin, so you’ll want to make sure your skin is in its best condition. Here are a few tips on how you can tweak your skincare routine for the summer:

Aim for Overall Skin Health

Great skin is the result of an overall healthy lifestyle, something companies like Well Within Beauty believe in. What you put into your body matters just as much as the products you put on it. A combination of a healthy diet, regular exercise, and high-quality beauty products will help you achieve radiant, glowing skin.


Well Within Beauty offers the best organic beauty products for your summer skincare routine. Their lineup consists of skincare essentials made from nature’s finest ingredients, ranging from a gentle yet effective makeup remover to an antioxidant moisturizer that will keep your skin hydrated and youthful-looking. They also offer nutritional supplements that will nourish your skin from within, making you glow from inside out.

Exfoliate Regularly

Summer is all about clean, bright and glowing skin. You can breathe new life into your dull, lifeless skin by exfoliating regularly. Healthy skin naturally renews itself every 28 days, but several factors including aging and constant exposure to the elements can slow this process down. This leads to dead cells piling up on the surface of your skin, giving you a lackluster, ashy or sallow appearance.

Combat this by using chemical exfoliators like AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) or BHAs (beta hydroxy acids.) While the terms “chemical exfoliators” and “acids” may sound intimidating or even dangers, these products are actually gentler and more foolproof to use than physical exfoliators like scrubs.

Basically, they work by penetrating your pores and deep cleaning them, loosening deep-seated dirt, excess oil and dead skin cells to reveal the fresh new skin underneath. Using an AHA or BHA product two to three times a week can quickly give you that radiant summer glow.

sunscreen protection

Wear Sunscreen Daily

Of course, we can’t talk about a summer skin care routine without discussing sun protection. The sun’s harmful rays can cause a wide range of skin problems including skin cancer, sunburn, dark spots and wrinkles. Getting adequate sun protection daily is the single best thing you can do to prevent early signs of skin aging.

Wearing sunscreen every day is especially important if you’re going to exfoliate regularly. Your fresh new skin is especially vulnerable to the sun, so you’ll want to shield that new layer of skin with an effective sunscreen that offers broad spectrum protection and has an SPF of at least 30.

Keep it Simple

Lastly, it’s best to keep your summer skincare routine pretty simple. Piling on tons of products can feel very uncomfortable during the warm summer months, so you’ll want to keep them to a minimum and only use what is absolutely essential. Stick to a fuss-free routine that focuses on hydration, exfoliation and sun protection, and going through your skincare routine won’t feel like a disagreeable chore.

Guest Post: 5 Signs You Need to Change Your Skincare Routine


Much like you cannot possibly wear a breezy dress during winter, your skin changes its mood with each season, requiring certain adjustments and updates, and there are so many other circumstances that can cause your skin to become in desperate need for a different routine.

So, before you randomly start hunting for the new set of the latest moisturizers on the market and the next miracle purifier, let’s take a look at a few early warning signals your skin may be sending you when it’s time to revamp!

1.    Change of location

You don’t have to move to the other hemisphere for your skin to feel the difference. It’s more than enough to head a few hours south or north from your current location, and the change in the levels of moisture, dryness, pollution, sun exposure, harsher winds, you name it, and it can wreak havoc on your lovely complexion.

So, it’s best to do your homework before you take the trip, and learn about your destination. Heading somewhere sunny and you’re already leading a battle against blemishes? Then perhaps a new facial wash such as the Body Shop infused with tea tree oil is in order, to refresh and cleanse properly in the new climate.

2.    Well beyond expiration date

When was the last time you checked the expiration date on your collection of bottles? If you’ve been applying the same cream for the past two or three years, chances are that a resupply is long overdue. Click To Tweet In fact, take a long, hard look at your complexion and do a little revision: has this particular set of creams, lotions, serums and whatnots helped you, or have they merely done a mediocre job?

Think of it as spring cleaning for beauty, and clear your cabinets from all the outdated products. Then see which ones did an excellent job, restock, and which ones didn’t really dazzle you, meaning that perhaps you’ll need something different. Give that multi-purpose coconut oil a go, maybe, or a wash that’s both face and body-friendly for your skin type.

3.    Itchy, flaky, irritated skin?

Sometimes the same product seems to work wonders for months, and suddenly cause your skin to break out in hives, or you feel itchy and redness only gets worse by the day. This won’t come as a surprise, but most products are packed with synthetic chemicals, and the accumulation of some of them can cause your skin to react this way.

Synthetic fragrances in your products might be the key culprits of allergic reactions, so it’s wise to consult a dermatologist before you make a change – they can make a suggestion depending on your current condition and what will serve you well down the road.

4.    Clogged Pores

Heavy creams and oily products don’t always work for everyone, and if you’ve noticed that your skin is literally suffocating under all that buildup, it’s time for a detox with the help of healthy exfoliation. We often underestimate the importance of regular scrubbing, and clogged pores are a clear sign you’re in need of a good cleanse.

For instance, Cosmedix line of scrubs can come in very handy in purifying your complexion gently, but thoroughly, with the help of poppy, jojoba and date seeds, combined with salicylic acid. And of course, come hell or high water, don’t forget to apply your sunscreen afterwards.

5.    Where are the results?

You’ve been religiously using the same set of creams and lotions for months on end, but the results still fail to appear – now, as much as you may like your products, whether it’s their lovely scent or the texture you love, if they can’t deliver, you need to let them go.

Just like rashes and irritation are clear signs of a mismatch, a lack of visible results and improvements is equally important to take into consideration. Especially if you’ve used the same product for a very long time, your skin may become resistant to its effects, so it’s time to surprise your pores with some new skin-friendly goodies!



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